Semi-Bench Batch Coder TD-140
TD-140 bench electric coder, adopting the heat printing ribbon to print the character, has the advantage of simple operation, clear handwriting, conveniently exchanging the character and repairing and maintaining. It is mainly employed to print on the plastic empty bag, empty paper box and mark paper. It is widely employed to print the colored mark such as: production date, period of validity, lot number and so on except the metal material in the industry of food, drink and medicine.

Power Supply: V/Hz 220/50
Power: W 200
Coding Speed: Tiem/min 20-140 (Automatic Mimimg)
Color Ribbon Width: mm 25-35
Coding Lines: Line: Letter/Line 1~3:15
Dimension: mm (L×W×H) 255×225×310
Weight: Kg 10