Vertical Labeler TB350

It is a high speed cylindrical vertical labeler applicable for labeling on various cylinders which can steadily stand on chain conveyor. We can design in cylinder feeding or cylinder collecting structure to meet customers' requirement.


Products Diameter φ12mm~φ100mm
Dimension 2400mm×910mm×1665mm
Speed of Labeling and Electric Coding  0~140(bottles/minue)
Speed of Labeling and Pneumatic Coding 0~350(bottles/minue)
Precision ±1mm
Inner Diameter Roll φ76mm
Outer Diameter Roll φ300mm
Label Height 10mm~80mm
Label Length 15mm~250mm
Conveyor Direction L→R / R→L
Electrical Requirements 220V50HZ
Power 1200W
Label Size Determined by The Size of The Bottle
Weight of Label No Requirement


1. Speed of labeling is determined by label height.      
2. Special sizes can be designed and manufactured to meet customers' requirement.