Filling Machine
GHX150/500 Series - Ointment Filling Machine
1. Precisely control filling amount through control of piston stroke of the cylinder with a fixed volume. 2. It is suitable for ointment filling and can be equipped with bunker with heating and heat insulation functions (optional) 3. It can choose single head or multi-head combination as per capacity to realize single head or multi-head filling line. 4. Filling is disabled for lacking of bottles and fallen bottles; filling leaves no drop; high filling precision; 5. Easy and convenient operation; reliable performance and safety linkage. Applicable scope: it is suitable for filling of viscous solutions in industries like pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, cosmetics and agriculture.


Dimension(mm) 1800×750×1750
Filling Range(ml) 50-1000
Filling Speed (b/min) 0-60
Filling Accuracy Error(%) ±0.15 - 0.3
Voltage(V) 220
Frequency(Hz) 50
Working Pressure(MPa) 0.4-0.6
Gas Consumption(m3) 0.1-0.5
Conveying Direction L→R / R→L


Filling output and precision shall be determined as per filling heads, filling amount and material physical properties