Filling Machine
ZHG Series - Linear Filling Cap Interlocking Line
1. Mould type linear filling cap interlocking machine is a new generation of filling cap equipment for automatic filing, capping, cap screwing and discharging of bi-drum bottles. 2. It has overcome the difficulty of being unable to realize automatic filing by the bi-drum bottle. Automatic filing of bi-drum bottle can be realized by adding moulds only. 3. High filling precision, easy operation and stable running of equipment. 4. Filling is disabled for lacking of bottles and filling leaves no drop. Applicable scope; it is suitable for filling of flowing liquid and viscous solution and is widely applied in fields like bio pharmaceutical preparations and cosmetics perfume.


Dimension(mm) 2050×760×1350
Filling Range(ml) 0-150
Filling Speed (b/min) 0-50
Filling Accuracy Error(%) ±0.3
Voltage(V) 220
Frequency(Hz) 50
Working Pressure(MPa) 0.4-0.6
Gas Consumption(m3) 0.1-0.5
Conveying Direction 左→右(或右→左)


Filling output and precision shall be determined as per filling heads, filling amount and material physical properties