Filling Machine
CLG Series - Gear Pump Filling Machine
1. Use gear pump as measuring device to conduct precise filling of liquid or colloidal solution. 2. The filling amount can be randomly set according to the microcomputer. 3. Single table type gear pumps can be combined to realize multi-head filling line form. 4. Reasonable equipment structure and convenient operation. Applicable scope: it is suitable for varieties and multi-dose filling and is widely applied dining industries like agriculture, chemical industry, cosmetics, medicine and light industry.


Dimension(mm) 450×360×320
Filling Range(ml) >50
Filling Speed(b/min) 0-40
Filling Accuracy(%) <±0.5
Voltage(V) 220
Frequency(Hz) 50
Conveying Direction L→R / R→L


Filling output and precision shall be determined as per filling heads, filling amount and material physical properties