Temperature Sterilizing Tunnel Oven
GMS Series - Hot Air Circulating High-Temperature Sterilizing Tunnel Oven
This machine is suitable for drying and sterilizing of various glass bottles like penicillin bottles and infusion bottles. It adopts net belt transmission and has step-less speed regulation; stainless steel tube is adopted for heating and hot air circulation heating sterilization is highly efficient with even temperature distribution; the temperature is displayed by the temperature controller with self setting control and automatic record for future references; the cooling area is equipped with class A vertical laminar flow cleaning device, meeting GMP specification.


Throughput  120-360 b/min
Suitable Bottle 10ml-100ml Glass Bottles
Net Belt Width 800mm (Capacity Determined By)
Heating Mode Hot Air Circulation
Temperature Adjustment Range 50 - 350℃
The Effective Sterilization Time In the high temperature zone is greater than 10 minutes
Exhaust Air Rate 9000-13000m³/h
Wind Pressure ≥400Pa User centrifugal exhaust fan since the distribution
Power 20-65kw
Power Supply 380V 50Hz Three phase four wire system
Dimension Capacity Determined By